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Alan Shera is the founder of Shera Realty Group and hold extensive experience in the home building business as well as acquiring and remodeling residential units for his own account. In addition to his purchasing experience, Alan has significant experience in conducting feasibility studies, processing plans through local municipalities, preparing financial packages, and assisting with product design and layout. His previous responsibilities included management and construction of track homes in San Diego where he oversaw all aspects of construction and quality control. Alan manages the purchasing department, including the bidding, negotiating and contracting of all trades and vendors for the company. He uses his experience as a purchasing director to oversee the repairs and refurbishment of the homes. In the simplest case, he sends in a work crew to clean and prepare the home for listing. If more involved repairs are needed, Alan develops the list of items required along with a budget for each and reviews with management. Once approved, Alan coordinates construction of the improvements and verifies they are complete. Alan earned a bachelor Degree from University of Southern California and is also a licensed Real estate Broker.

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